The unique honeycomb cell shape of the core material makes for an extremely durable, high-performance, innovative and lightweight natural product. The innovative design inside the 2 outer layers allows the material to bear more weight and pressure.

Jigsawzbitz products are made from natural renewable resources. The unique material is manufactured using 100% secondary fibre (including old corrugated containers, craft paper, old newspapers), thereby diverting all these materials from the solid waste stream.

The adhesives used for gluing the materials are derived from natural sources. The end result is fully recyclable and ecologically friendly product with full fire retardant properties.

For every 1 tonne of paper we recycle, we save 17 trees, 4200 kilowatt hours of electricity, 31,000 litres of water, 3 cubic metres of landfill space and 27 kilogram's of effluent emissions are saved.

Our goal is to make unique products that bring creativity and joy to all who become a part of the process - from conception to completion.

Our aim is to be conscientious in all that we use and all that we gain. Our recycled paper products have built principles - an inner core of conscience.

Every time you buy something that has been recycled you are making a difference - saving landfill space and raw materials and decreasing pollution.